Monday, September 12, 2011

What do you do when your current MMO has lost that bright and shiny luster?  When the idea of leveling, crafting or running an instance doesn't appeal?  When the next new bright shiny MMO is still months away?

What I did was start playing one that I've never really got hooked on before that has gone Free to Play (F2P).  That would be LoTRO (Lord of The Rings Online).  I started LoTRO in beta and played for a couple of months after it went live, but never got hooked.  I tried it again and even bought another Xpac, but I'd hit mid-teens and fade out, or run back to EQ2 or WoW.

This is going to be it.  My third and final attempt to love or at least have a strong like for this game! I've always wanted to like this game and spend some time giving it a chance, so I re-subbed for a year (ViP $99 sub) and bought the Isengard xpac. Now I have gorgeous gear, mounts for all the alts and more to do whenever I get to max level - lol!

I mean who doesn't love Lord of The Rings?  The lore and story are so awesome, and Turbine has done a fantastic job with the world they've created.  It's visually gorgeous.  The characterization is a bit lack luster (the facial expressions remind me of placid cows out in a field or zombies), and honestly if they didn't look so bleah, I think more people might play.  But it's a HUGE world.  The hunter dinged 22 and finally abandoned a bunch of quests just to get out of Bree!

The artwork, the beginning cut scenes mini movies, the gear and world are all top notch.
Therefore, a couple of weeks ago I jumped into LoTRO with a guildmate from Rift with our intent to play casually and spend some time waiting for GW2 to come out.  A few other friends from HFC have joined us, and we've invaded the LoTRO Chapter of our guild - Hammerfist Clan. (Quick plug for an awesome mature player (over 18+ only) gaming community.)  Awesome guild/kin, they've played together for years and are extremely patient with our endless questions.

To date, I have five characters (typical altaholic) - hunter (original has been around forever), lore-master, minstrel, rune keeper and a warden.  I have to say I'm enjoying all of them.  Different play styles and abilities but all are fun.  I've also picked up the different crafting on each with the bank alt stepping in for metalwork.
Lore master with her blood raven

 The alts are between 11-23, but I think the hunter (23) is likely to be my test for awhile.  The runekeeper and warden are neck and neck for the next ones to level though.  Much of the game is solo friendly, but again its better in a fellowship (group).

Dwarf runekeeper

 It's been fun, a bit challenging learning all the LoTRO specific terminology - radar not mini map, kinship not guild, fellowship not group, traits and destiny and legacy stuff,  deeds and tasks,. Skirmishes, destiny, and the bazillion acronyms - it definitely keeps you busy and full of questions! 

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