Monday, November 14, 2011

SWTOR & beyond

It's a little over a month until the launch for SWTOR, one of the most anticipated MMO's.  I did get a chance to spend some time in the weekend beta (11-13th) and found it to be quite fun.

Because of the NDA I can't share many details, but I will say if you're a fan of BioWare games, and/or Star Wars - you'll love this game.  I did test both side Empire and Republic and liked them both.  Surprisingly the class I thought I'd like the least is the Jedi Knight and it was one of my favorites.  I guess all the lightsaber fighting was so Star Warsy!  Definitely fun.

The guild I'm in Hammerfist Clan is hitting launch with two teams Republic and Empire and we're excited with the opportunity.  HFC already has great teams in STO, LoTRO, Rift and a few other games, so two TOR teams will be awesome.  A team is also forming for GW2, Diablo 3 and TSW. So if you're looking for a great multi-gaming community - check out HFC. 

The HFC Empire team has been in the works for almost two years, and has built up a wonderful store of information, and is ready to go!  While the Republic team just formed up a month ago and has been recruiting, so we should have an excellent group to match the Empire gang at launch.

I'm planning to hit launch with characters on both sides of the war, fortunately we'll be on different servers so I won't have to fight guildmates on purpose in PvP - which I haven't tried yet but definitely looking forward to.

Sadly with the advent of TOR, I'm finding I'll have to let go one of my old favorites - WoW.  My sub is up in December and as I rarely play now as I'm thoroughly enjoying Rift and LoTRO, the time isn't there for it.  So, I'm going to work on the few things I still wanted to accomplish, take a ton more screenshots, then take a farewell flight or two around Azeroth before my subs up.  I may resub when Panda-mania breaks out to try being a Panda monk, considering my first and favorite character in EQ2 was a Kerran Monk.  A WoW monk should be fun.

Some people think the Panda's look lame, but I think it will be fun.  Definitely a light-hearted fun class to add to the mix.  I was hoping they'd add the Ramkhan (from Uldum) would be a playable class - they just look so fun!

2012 is going to be the test for MMO gamers though, as not only will the old favorites be around but with TOR we'll also have GW2, Diablo 3 and The Secret World as big launches and a great group of other games such as Tera and ArcheAge.  So it's going to be a wonderful MMO buffet out there.  Now to figure out how to justify and juggle the variety of games.

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