Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Guild fun

I think I've finally found a permanent home and great guild with Hammerfist Clan.

HFC had it's 10th anniversary a few days ago.  Happy 10 years HFC.  Our part of the Clan took a group shot of some of the Rift chapter members.

It's been truly awesome the past few months getting to know people in the Rift chapter of HFC, and finally having a drama free, mature, fun group that understands life is more important than any game.

The members come from all over the U.S. and abroad, and HFC plays across games (current support games are Rift, LoTRO, SWO, SWToR, but others are represented). This is a huge plus for me as I'm so tired of starting a new MMO and then trying to locate a guild that
1) stays together without drama
2) isn't run by a twelve year old or elitist jerk
3) allows for variety in play style - pvp, raiding, solo
4) understand life>game always

AND is about having fun!

This past week we had more 'naked' instance races.  We've done this twice and it's funny.

Everyone that wants to play forms up in a raid, teams are decided, we all strip to on two-handed weapon or one ranged/one handed. Teams reform, and off we go.  Our team zipped through RoTF (Realm of the Fae) finishing minutes ahead of the other two teams.  The last race we won by 15 seconds.

After we finished the race, as we were so close to Sanctum (Guardian main city) we decided we should pay them a visit.  Death at the bridge from the guards made it very clear we weren't welcome, so off we went to Quicksilver College, the big city in Silverwood, the Guardian start zone.  We were hoping to call out the Guardians for a bit of world pvp.
We killed all the NPC's and anyone flagged, waiting for the Guardian side to show up.  Fortunately fifteen minutes or so later it was PvP time!  We held them off for quite awhile (uber healing by the clerics - yes last one standing FTW!), but we eventually conceded and moved on to rifts and instance runs.

During the week HFC Rift generally has two Rift stomping days per week (timed early one day/late the other) in which all guild members (regardless of levels) are invited and everyone gets to roll on class appropriate gear regardless of toon level.

We also do a few fun events sprinkled through the month - assassination contest in June, naked instance races, scavenger hunt, etc. There is also a strong PvP group (Friday nights).

We've also been testing our abilities on Slivers and Raid Rifts (wipe city!), but we're getting better and more coordinated.  We're also learning the T2 dungeons (a painful lesson too), but we're working together better as a team consistently.

I will give credit though were it's due:  our Guild Leader, Herc, does an amazing job shepherding us around, making sure all levels get instance runs, or some attention - whether it's working on someones spec or rotation, grouping, etc., no one ever feels left out.  Kudos Herc!

Overall I can't say anything negative in what I've seen with HFC- well maybe wish they all played later PST time so I'd see everyone!

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