Saturday, July 10, 2010

Return to EQ2

I'm an ardent fan of Everquest2 (EQ2 or EQII).  I've dabbled in other online games and PC and console RPG games (favorites being Baldur's Gate and Champions of Norrath) over the years, including playing EQ the original. But life, time commitment and my PC at the time, it wasn't a wonderful or long lasting experience.  (I did give WoW a try before EQ2, but that's a whole 'nother story - took three times to get hooked on WoW-crack!)

Qeynos viewed from Antonica

My official start date playing EQ2 is December 6, 2006 according to Sony.  It doesn't seem that long ago, considering I've still never max leveled a character (highest is right at 70 with 20 levels to go!), but I'm one of those that considers the journey more fun than the destination, i.e. raiding isn't my thing!  Casual raiding with the guild, yes I can do that. Hardcore, bleeding edge, have to be first in the new content has no appeal.  The years I've spent in EQ2, I've created, leveled to the 30-40ish range a few character then sent them along to toon heaven, which I'm sure is some sort of MMO ADD.  I like to jump around and have never considered one character my 'main' over the others.  The main is whichever I'm enjoying playing at that particular moment!
Freeport from the Commonlands

My adoration with EQ2, has been sporadic at best after the first year. New MMO's came out that I had to try - LoTRO, Warhammer, AoC, Free Realms, Dragonica, All Points Bulletin to name a few.  Along with a few F2P games, many other beta trials, Wrath in WoW; PC games, and adding another console (Xbox) to the mix.  That's just the gaming part of an already very busy life (married with children and running my own business).

During my wandering to new games, I've popped in an out of EQ2 when I could or felt the urge. I pay annually for my favorite, so its always there. An online security blanket, much your favorite well worn clothes that you always go back to when the new stuff loses it's newness!

Fortunately, I'm in a wonderful guild on the Blackburrow server that has patiently allowed me to exist in my flaky attendance. The teasing is always gentle, with my erradic playing. But it's wonderful to have such a welcoming and forgiving group to come back to.

Being back has been an adjustment.  The world has changed again with new zones (I've never completed all of Kunark, let alone Shadow Odyssey and now Sentinels Fate).

  • More world events, - monthly city festivals, Tinkerfest coming up, lots of fun world things to do if you have a mind too.
  • More new factions than I even know of at this point
  • Changes to the AA (achievement abilities) - specing my characters has been a bit of guesswork and some Forum reading, I'm still not sure I've got them right, so we'll see! 
  • New player housing - I love the housing in New Halas, but was surprised with the addition of housing in the mage tower and guild halls in Freeport - took forever to find that (no easy task on Qeynosians btw!). 
  • Insta-travel with spires and druid rings everywhere, not to mention the World Bell.  It's much easier in many ways, although I don't want to be one of those "back in my day we had to walk all the way to ...".  I prefer to look at the new travel options as just that - options.  I can still chose to take the boat, griffon, or hike across Antonica/Commonlands - which I do often!
  • Battlegrounds - w00t!  I do love PvP, and have a warden on one of the PvP servers, but BG's sound fun. Okay truth, I tried one, we won. I died once but hadn't a clue what I was doing - lol!
So, I'm re-learning Norrath, as well as my characters, Star the Kerra monk; Nixia, the Ratonga beserker; Bithia, Wood Elf warden; Sithi, Arasai brigand and Tazneem, Dark Elf conjurer.

To this day, I still wonder why my first two characters are tank class?  I'm more of a DPS/healer type, but I'm determined to get Star at least to level 90 before the end of the year!

The oldest, Star and youngest, Sithi 
(well she gets to be until the urge to roll a new one strikes)

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