Friday, July 2, 2010

King of the Fire Festival

In general, I'm heartily sick of most of the World Events in World of Warcraft.  The novelty has worn off, as I've done them enough on different characters.  Unless there is a new pet (admitted petaholic), a buff/stat item or PvP involved I generally pass.

A Thief's Reward quest, which involves stealing the flames from each of the oppositions cities is right up my alley!  Death, usually my own, attempting to take a few with me on the way is involved if you try to solo this on less than a max level character!  I have done this with a level 56, so it is doable, but definitely easier for some classes than others.

This year my Druid, Sidthr, is sitting at 71 so what a great opportunity.  Off he went,

First stop Orgrimmar.  This is always the most challenging for me, not because of the guards, but the number of Horde that are around.  First stop the gates.  As usual too many people dueling out front.  To the backgate we go.  Trying to sneak past the level 75 guards was a no go.  Next tactic, the death march.

Buff up, mount up and ride in pulling a train of guards. I wasn't dismounted until right near the back entrance to Ragefire Chasm, which would have been okay. If I could have made it to RC and rebuffed inside, but two level 80 Horde had other ideas.  Ghost run back from Razorhill.  A successful rez and rebuff, time to sneak up on the flame.
Too many Horde. So sneak up on the flame and attempt to escape.  Nope. Take the death and rez sickness while rezzing in Razorhill again. 

Time to head to Thunderbluff. 

The zep  is one of the quickest for Alliance as we have no close flight paths to TB. Either Ratchet or Theramore, but I didn't fancy a cross country ride.  Sneaking on the Zep is easier at max level I found out or with feign death ability (my hunter has done this a couple of times).  Basically if you can't get on the Zep, die as close as possible on the tower and rez on the Zep downstairs. (This an old tactic I've used with hunters chasing pets in far off places at level 11-18).
The Zep lands at the Spirit Bluff, conveniently located next to the Flame.  I just ran around until I lost aggro from the guards.  Waited until the one level 80 left and snuck back get the flame.  I chose to hearth versus de-flaming Mulgore, the goal was the four cities period.

Undercity was incredibly easy. I forget how little attention most people play even on a PvP server. So this was uneventful in the extreme. 

Silvermoon City is generally a ghost town on all but RP servers, getting there is the bigger headache.  The quickest Shattarath City to Sunwell Island and a quick flight to the Ghostlands.  Otherwise, Eastern Plaguelands to Ghostlands (pick up the flight path if you don't have it).

The number of guards is a guarantee of at least one death getting to the flame.  So rez next to the flame and the achievement is complete, all accept for the turnin.

Hearth out and turn in the quests to get the gorgeous level one crown (kidding), but it's a nice in your face to the opposition in BG's (at lower levels) if you're willing to give up your head stats, or if you're rich and you put a decent enchant.

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