Sunday, January 29, 2017

Everquest II City Festival February 1-7th

EQ2 City Festival starts February 1st.

Find the shinies for a housing item (mailbox).  Or do the repeatable Far Seas Requistion quests (great to boost your trade skill with a super easy repeatable quest), Aether racing or do a bit of shopping for your house.
Kelethin Specialty Items (February/August)

Blue Shelf FungusChair of the Acorn ScholarGourd of Cranberries
Gourd of RaspberriesEngraved Kelethin Door (added 2/2011)Kelethin Banquet Table (added 5/2011*)
Kelethin Curved TableKelethin DeskKelethin Display Counter (added 8/2010)
Kelethin Leaf Chair (added 5/2011*)Kelethin Pedestal Table (added 5/2011*)Kelethin Plain Floorlamp (added 8/2010)
Kelethin Round CounterKelethin SignPolished Wood Block (added 2/2012)
Polished Wood Half Block (added 2/2012)Polished Wood Railing (added 2/2012)Polished Wood Rounded Tile (added 2/2012)
Polished Wood Short Column (added 2/2012)Polished Wood Short Divider (added 2/2012)Polished Wood Stair (added 2/2012)
Polished Wood Tall Column (added 2/2012)Polished Wood Tall Divider (added 2/2012)Polished Wooden Column
Polished Wooden MirrorPolished Wooden TileWooden Pole

EQ2 Decorators for pics of all the goodies.

Never attended a City Festival in EQ2?  ZAM has a great over-view of the Live Event, including quests and items available for purchase.



You can earn City Tokens during the Festival or by doing Crafting (Tradeskill Writs). 

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