Saturday, November 24, 2012

TSW - Just A Flesh Wound

The Secret World added another auxiliary weapon with 4.1 - a chainsaw.  The quest, Just A Flesh Wound, is simple and fairly easy if your Q10, I tried it at Q6 and the 8,900+ health mobs were a bit hard to solo

A few days later, a couple of guildies, Law and Charney were on and as Law hadn't done the quest either we were going to go in, Charney came along to help kill things.

The quest starts in New York with Dr. Aldini (the plastic surgeon for remaking your characters looks) at his 'shop' Modern Prometheus.  It is an instance within his shop and is very short quest chain.

Dr. Aldinin requests body parts from his Meat Locker (instance below his shop). Pick up his bag of tools (in the corner) and head into the Meat Locker. 

You kill rotten nurses, and then use a different tool on each body to remove parts for the good Doctor.  
After we'd killed and hacked off body parts using the different tools provided by the Doctor, we sent them up to him via a drop box by the entrance.  He examines them, only to let you know they weren't fresh.

We went back into the instance (btw the rotten nurses do respawn) and at the end of his 'meat locker' we found the Flesh Blob behind a Flesh Cordon that you hack through.  The Flesh Blob looks just like what it's called, a blob of flesh.

As there were three of us, we started beating him down quickly and hacking partoff. 
 Sadly we found it would have been a straight up quest with two of us in Q8 and Q9 gear (easily soloable by anyone in Q10), but with our third person in NM Q10, we killed the Flesh Blob too fast.

We  had to reset the whole instance twice to get it to properly update.  But it was a good XP killing the rotten nurses and lots of drops to be broken for materials. Besides its always fun hanging out with guildmates.
 The key to completing this for us was to hack limbs off slowly at a predetermined percentage.  Our solution was one person kill, one person healed and did a little DPS, Charney being the best geared, stood there and looked cute.
Quick quest with an interesting new weapon.  Now to get the points to actually be able to use it!

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