Thursday, November 8, 2012

SWTOR Free to Play

BioWare finally released the launch of it's Free to Play model for Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), it goes live Thursday, November 15th.

I've been tempted to jump back into TOR to finish some of the class quests I hadn't completed.  Fortunately the F2P option is not limiting that.  It is limiting Warzones, Flashpoints, etc., and even removing your head piece.  Interesting.

Those that did have a sub previously though, 

According to the FAQ on the TOR site, if I do go back under the F2P model, I would be listed as a "Preferred" client.


What happens if I decide to change from being a subscription player to a Free-to-Play player?

Once your subscription has ended and you no longer have paid game time remaining on your account, your account will be changed to Preferred Status.
As a Preferred Status player, access will be unlocked to the following features: 
  • The ability to run faster (Sprint) starting at Level 1.
  • Cargo Hold access (Bank Slots) and higher login queue priority.
  • Increased access to Chat and Secure Trading.
  • Post more items for sale on the in-game Galactic Trade Network.  
If you convert to Preferred Status, you will need to choose which two (2) of your characters will remain active, and play those characters within the limits of Free-to-Play access.
For more information on Free-to-Play features, please see

Versus the Subscription model:

What are the benefits of a subscription account?

In addition to unrestricted access to the full game and features there will be several benefits to a subscription account, including: 

  • Unlimited access to regular Game Updates such as new Nightmare Mode content, a brand new Operation on the planet of Asation, a new Heroic mission series on the prison planet of Belsavis, and a brand new Warzone for our PvP lovers. Subscribers will also receive an automatic monthly grant of Cartel Coins for use in our new Cartel Market.
  • The Cartel Market will offer a variety of in-game items including cosmetically customizable gear and convenience features that will enhance the game play experience. Subscribers will receive Cartel Coin rewards for every past and ongoing month of subscription.
  • Subscribers will also receive a special bonus “Fan Favorite” Party Jawa. Celebrate your status as a veteran of the galaxy anytime with this animating Jawa, who starts a party every chance he gets!


I did find the 'login queue priority' a bit humerous, are there really queues to login now?

So, the option would be to re-up my sub or try the F2P version.  I'm concerned on the restrictions of the F2P, but honestly I might dabble with TOR at best, but can't see going back and really spending time there right now.  There are just to many MMO's begging for attention - WoW, LoTRO, TSW, Rift, GW2 - to add TOR to the mix.

I think put this on the wait and see how the new model works out before making a decision.  Besides there is Storm Legion launching next week.  Dimensions, 10 levels and two new continents - I think that will keep me busy for awhile.


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