Thursday, March 22, 2012

TOR Fleet +10 Datacron fun

Last night the TOR Republic team did the +10 to all stats Fleet Datacron run.  Four people can do it, but I'd really recommend a larger group - you need people to open doors, lower bridges, fly around with the grappling hook, etc.

It was fun but loooong!  A few things we did discover:

1. Start at a designated time and plan on a couple of hours if it's your first time there
2. Everyone get their MGGS (Magnetic grappling thing) in advance - it's on Alderaan, 10K credits (it can be traded)
3. At least one (but preferably ALL) have the Corellian Museum Crystal  found on Corellia l (the red one - opens the door - and once you have your +10 it's gone!) People will die and you need to open the door to let them back in.
4. EVERYONE has to have the crystal found on the Fleet Museum - Cormium Crystal Shard (the big blue one opens the door to the datacrons - once you have +10 it's gone!)
5. Everyone read the walk-thru and watch one of the video's on YouTube, so you understand what's involved.
6. A force pulling sage or two is awesome to have along
7. Until the one grappling point is fixed, a smuggler with cover - yeah T'nk! - is a major help on that PiA one.

So having done our proper research () our intrepid group set out. 

Menana, Jale'penos, Redimere, Maxx, Herc, T'nk, Reymal and Lyril, but before we'd lowered the pretty pink bridge, we were joined by Blitzheipr, Psycheerose and Erickson.

A few of us watched the videos and read the guide while getting everyone into position.   This is a fun guild event for level 50's, and really requires thought and teamwork.  Which we're all so good at!!! 

Finally we had success and all were ready to grab their +10 stat datacron, only to find out we didn't ALL have the Cormium Crystal Shard! 

Being the great and supportive team that we all are, we took a quick break, re-assembled and back we went to get everyone their +10 datacrons!  Menana being the very clever lady she is, brought and alt that we parked inside the first door (the red crystal one), so she could log in/out to it, saving running time for everyone else.  As falling deaths happen, and you can't res people in the room.

Of course this time one of the grappling points was buggy as can be, which extended our time in there.  But being the guild we are everyone stuck it out to help their team.  T'nk, finally smuggled his way to the point.  Many of us had a very fun time being stuck inside part of the ship, wandering a black oasis of nothing, did I say buggy? Yea, very much so!

But we finally got it all together, Rose and Maxx, the sages pulled everyone up the last two points and success! A whole bunch of us with +10 to all stats!

Sadly Redimere and Jale'penos had to leave as they were well past their bedtime, so didn't make it in the final pic!

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