Thursday, March 1, 2012

RIFT - Carnival of the Ascended

The Carnival of the Ascended is here!

To celebrate RIFT's one year anniversary, Telara is having a party!

It started with Pinata's scattered around Telera dropping a variety of items from collectible pets to glass beads. Sadly, if you're not ontop of a Pinata when it drops, you may miss out!

Now into the first phase, carnival games are available (and repeatable) available in the main city as well as in Shimmersand.  Also in Shimmersand is the daily Tales of the Ascended I raid which rewards you with 10 Prize Tickets and a box of Random Artifacts. This is set on the boats at Fortune's Shore and there is a portal to and from Meridian/Sanctum to the event.

Overview of the Meridian Carnival

The games are fun - everything from toss the ring on a seascape to jumping on balloons to jumping to make your horse run around a track.  Vendors have a variety of Carnival foods (stat adds) from Popped Corn to Pretzels to Deep Fried Butter (yes butter!) and for the level 50 stat food - Turdunken!

Ring Toss

Mini Mounts Racing

Purchasable items include carnival mask including a Planar, Water, Death and Flame Mask.

In future phases over the next seven weeks additional Event items will be available including titles, weapons, cosmetic gear and other Ascended Goods.

Other items are available as well including (a big yeah I might finally get rid of the left over items from past World Events) the ability to buy with the Glass Beads past World Event currencies!

But being the gamer I am the one thing I know I'll be working towards is the two mounts and two companion pets. Well I got the two pets already - an adorable Wind Up Pony and Velmera Cub and they're both very cute.  BUT, I really want the two mounts Nebula and Tindrel (see Rift zam link below).

The parade grounds - I'm not sure what this is going to entail, but I've been scouring Freemarch for materials to build the floats.  This requires turning in 40 of a specific gathering professions items (fortunately available in Freemarch) such as pumice, helium blossoms and ultra-thin hides.  So far the skinning of the hides has been the fastest, while mining for pumice takes a bit longer.  The items are not BoP, so can be traded to alts,etc.  I had to do this as two of my crafters do NOT have the skill associated with the turn in needed (Artificer is not a skinner for example).

Being a World Event though, turning in the 100,000 materials is needed to build the Dragon Balloons for the parade for the Event to go into the next Phase. So, I've been pitching in.

Read the whole Event plan on Rift.zam for the exciting times ahead in Telara.  The Carnival runs from February 22nd - April 11th.

Rift.zam has one of the best guides to all the goodies too!

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