Tuesday, November 4, 2014

ArcheAge should you play or not?

Sitting here waiting for AA to patch and Auroria to open, hopefully (crossing fingers) not a repeat of launch,  I was thinking about ArcheAge and why someone should or shouldn't play - maybe. 

I have friends that are avid PvPers and those that avoid it at all costs. Those that like to quest and others that would be happy to buy a max level character and never go near a quest.

Me, I love to quest in a game (AA not so much), but can happily run around farming, exploring, gathering, pvping, running some packs, and have a wonderful time in game.  Last night I donkey subbed from Freeditch to Auroria, to be close when the game launches.  I could have taken my clipper, but I thought I'd like to see what is on the bottom of the Arcadian Sea while watching a movie.  Got to make your fun in game!

So off the top of my head list......

Why you should be playing ArcheAge
  • You love open-world PvP and believe 'red is dead', and maybe some green players too!
  • You love gear-grinding to be the best
  • You're a crafter, the more complicated and varied the better
  • You like a sand-boxy feel world that you can create your own fun in
  • You like player driven economies 
  • You're a 'Farmville' addict
  • You like to explore
  • You hate to solo anything, grouping is where it's at
  • You love dailies and wish there where more of them
  • You like housing and putting your mark on the world
  • You love sailing, fishing and being on the water
  • You've always wanted to be a pirate
  • You will play with a sub (or support a cash shop) to keep a game going

Why you maybe shouldn't play ArcheAge

  • You hate grindy games
  • You really hate open world PvP or any type of PvP
  • You like to quest
  • You like to solo play always
  • You like theme-park type gaming
  • You like deep, rich lore driven story
  • You have an older PC and not the best graphics, or internet connection
  • You don't like whining, bitching, moaning, swearing, rudeness and all that is the public chat channels
  • You believe everything someone in game tells you
  • You hate hackers, cheaters, grifters, bots and other nefarious acts ingame
  • You will only play F2P games

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