Thursday, October 16, 2014

ArchAge Farm Cart - getting stuck

I have a farm cart, which is truly great for trade pack runs, being able to turn in three packs versus one. especially on those long hauls from Hellswamp to Gweonid or Gweonid to Sanddeep (two of my favorite with the best payout!).  The first time we did those on donkey's it took 45 minutes.  The donkey is still pretty quick if you have carrot on a stick and use Songcraft ability "Quick Step", it can keep up with a cart using Eco-Fuel with no problem.

The cost to make one is high depending on your servers going rate for a Thunderstruck log (from a Thunderstruck tree!). On Tehyang it's been running about 300g for a log which is a component of one part of the cart. The RNG Gods have not been in my favor the past month, but I did get my cart built anyway!  If you can scrape the cash together or trade something, it's well worth it, as you can recoup the gold doing trade runs relatively quickly.

 My Leomorph got knocked up into my cart and road there for awhile

The carts aren't very speedy, unless you burn Eco-Fuel. As I do raise geese (the best for eco-fuel production!), I'm not terribly thrifty on using fuel to roll on down the road.  The first few days, (well occasionally I still get stuck), I managed to get my cart stuck in some of the most unusual ways.  You never can tell what it will go over and what will get you stuck!  It's a tad trial and error.

Slow rendering trees are a hazard and can impale your cart.
You can safely go across most plant material in an immature state (including most trees - not bamboo!), as well as fencing - the brown and white, not so sure on the stone/iron and many animals on farms (housing area short cuts can be a major PiA until you get your routes down!)

Collision can be another issue, as trollys and other vehicles can knock you about at times or block your path completely.  We had a guild blocking bridges for awhile to scam bridge tolls from people.
Pushed into the bridge by the trolly in Halycona

Rider's Escape ability is your friend, but as I found out the hard way, make sure you're in a clear, safe area or your cart can be placed in even a worse position!  
 First time using Rider's Escape I was headed down hill, it reset me to this!

To use Rider's Escape you have to be within 20 meters of your stuck cart. So pick a good spot to have it moved to as there is a long cool down on this ability.  (FYI - if you cancel Rider's Escape once you've started it may count it as used, so be careful!.) Your only other choice will be to unload your cart, despawn and respawn it.  Good to travel with friends on those occasions or have helpful guildies around to help you unload/guard your packs.

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