Thursday, October 25, 2012

Being Polygamerous

I'm definitely a polygamerous gamer. 

I usually carry 2-4+ MMO subs at any given time as I like to jump around in different games and play the plethora of characters I make in every game. 

Right now I'm kinda/sorta sub free (I tell myself that at least) as
Rift: paid through 6/2014
TSW: lifetime sub
LoTRO: annual sub through 8/2013
WoW: annual sub through 4/2013
GW2: no sub

So no monthly subs (I generally pay 6-12 months if possible), and no F2P currently active either.

I guess the one difficulty with multi-gaming, is deciding which one to play and which character to play.  Some days, its jumping between games and characters. Other times it can be a steady diet of one game for weeks if something really catches my interest.

It's really hard, apparently for people that max level one toon to understand the "need" to play a variety of characters in a variety of games.  Diametrically different thoughts there!  As I would find it hard to ONLY play one character all the time.  I mean, I do plan to eventually get to max level, but I don't feel a rush.  There are just too many things to do in any given game.

The way I see it, whichever character I'm playing is my "main" at that time.  I guess I kind of RP in my head how they're progressing through the world and what they will/won't do.  Each seems to have distinct likes in gear (dye colors, etc.), mounts and pet companions and reactions to different NPC's, zones and other races.

Add that to the fact, I truly love collecting mounts, pets, and housing (can't wait for Rift dimensions, I miss EQ2 housing), crafting and PvP, well "End Game" will get there when it gets there!

Right now with new games and expansions out, it's been tough trying to juggle games/time, though.  But I'm working on it!

Monday/Tuesday are Rift raid days. I usually do a bit of crafting, instances after or jump to another game

Thursday is devoted to The Secret World.  Love this game, but 2-3 hours the creepiness gets to me, but FunCome did a great job with making a game truly different!

Saturday/Sunday is WoW and TSW. We're working on doing some of the old content with the WoW guild and TSW the team seems to have more people on to get through group content, so juggle juggle those two!
The rest of the week, depending on what's going on, LoTRO gets played too. This is the slowest game I play, as years later I've just got to 30 on one character, the rest are scattered in their teens. 

I was playing GW2, but think that game is going to be on hiatus for the next couple of months with all the fun I'm having in the other games.  Thankfully being sub-free I won't be bothered with parking it until 2013.

If I had the time, I'd love to add EQ2, TOR, Warhammer and AoC back in, but haven't won the lottery yet or had some rich long lost relative leave me independently wealthy so, must make do with the games I have.

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