Wednesday, February 8, 2012

TOR World Boss Tour

World Boss Tour

The guild I’m in Hammerfist Clan’s (Star Wars The Old Republic ) TOR Republic team does a weekly World Boss Tour for fun on Wednesdays.  The purple drops are great as they're BoE, so those with alts can pass the gear along versus everything being BoP and useless to the higher levels.  It's great fun having 15-20+ of us in vent at one time, running through the different planets.  

We start at Coruscant (SD-0) if we have enough low level players that need/want it.  

Otherwise we start at Taris (Subject Alpha), proceed to Tatooine (Trapjaw), Nar Shaddaa (Battledroid R4-GL), Alderaan (, Quesh (Rogue Cartel Droid) and the two on Hoth (Snowblind and Gargath). 

Gargath on Hoth has eluded us, and with the two hour timer (approximately) for the World Bosses, you never know if they were recently killed or will respawn shortly. 

Nar Shaddaa fight Battledroid R4-GL

Quesh fight Rogue Cartel Droid

 We've been lucky to get a bit of world PvP in on Quesh, Alderaan and Tat a few times which many of us enjoy and annoy the few anti-pvers as they get flagged too!

Some of the World Boss fights are a hike for lower level players that do not have the taxi/speeder points, and we've had a few running as a guild to pick those up for people.  It's all fun as it's an enjoyable guild event that is always well attended.

We’re working on the Belsavis boss, Primal Destroyer, in the next couple of weeks now that we have enough 50’s to make up the required group.

List of World Boss locations can be found here:

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