Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rift Holiday Event

Trion is doing a wonderful job with World Events coming out regularly and the variety of new vanity items associated to each one.  Continuing with that Telara is celebrating the Holidays in typical style - the Fae Yule Celebration. It's scheduled to be a three phase event over six weeks.

Daily quests to be completed in town and of course destroying specific Rifts, as well as a Christmas Village feel, complete with random snowfall.

A lineup of Christmas Corgi's.  Various edible treats will turn you into a Corgi or an odd-looking reindeer (see below).

Both the Rudolph-red-nose Corgi and the Reindeerish mount, the Spotted Festive, Fae Yule Vaiyuu (that's a mouthful!) can be purchase during this World Event.  Vanity clothing and Lesser Essence are also available purchase.
There is still time to get your vanity gear and other goodies before the event ends.

Rift Zam guide to the Fae Yule Celebration.

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