Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WoW Call to Arms Weekend AV

This past weekend was Alteric Valley - Call to Arms weekend.  I try to hit as many CtA weekends as possible for the added XP, honor plus I love PvP.

So, I played Thursday night through Monday on the Rogue, Warlock and Hunter.  I don't think I'm that great of a player, really.  I toon jump around toooo much and would say average on most classes, but I try.  Generally when I'm up against someone that really knows their class, I watch what they're doing as they kill me - learning in a strange way.  I almost want to applaud their ability.

My warlock just bought her level 70 PvP set, and is gemmed/enchanted. Some could be better but between my gold and the AH, well beggars can't be choosers at times.  Warlocks still feel a bit OP to me in BG's, but I do like her survivability, I just wish I'd put the time in on her Engineering/Tailoring too.  The Hunter bought a few pieces too, but is still missing a couple of items, but is getting there, and I've been testing different pets (raptor, bird of prey, spider, hyena, cat, so far).  The Rogue is saving honor for level 60 or 70 PvP gear (she's at 50 right now), but they're so awesome.

This past weekend's AV went from extremely great to OMG when will it end as so many of these CtA weekends go.  The group makeup from one to the next can make you crazy.  I know when I start typing comments in the BG, other than calling out incoming, etc., it's time for me to stop BG's for awhile.

A few things I noticed this past weekend:

1. Why do DK's always want to defend Bel when no one else does?  Every AV it's always a DK that wants to defend her.  I wouldn't be against that strat if half the team was on D and actually defended the bunkers and graveyards, but as that seems such a novel concept for most, I'll pass on defending her too.

2. Sitting on your mount next to a graveyard flag is a lovely invitation to a rogue.  I thoroughly adore that free kill.

3. Hunters - traps and flares are there for a reason.  Feel free to use them. Often they're really helpful. Really.

4.  Death Knights - you have Death Grip which you love to use, but griping that warrior into a group of DPS is just so appreciated.  Thanks for bringing him into melee range.  Just where I wanted him....

5.  If you take a graveyard, feel free to babysit it for the next few minutes. Or do not bitch when you're rezzing at the top of the map or in the cave.

6.  The guy that tells you, you only need Relief Hut and NOT to take other graveyards, so you'll rezz there as a strat because PWNSNOOBs told him.  Great once you're south and have taken out the towers on the way or maybe in a premade where everyone knows there job, but a PUG? It's a long ride back down the map or a bloody fight at the bridge.

7.  If you have buff (druids/pallys/priests/mages) feel free to use it when you rez.  Reagents aren't that expensive nor is the mana cost.

8. Warlocks it cost you ZERO to use Ritual of Souls in the cave. It might help someone, so don't be stingy.

9.  Capping and Recapping isn't someone else's job. So yelling 'someone grab...' feel free to go get it.

10.  Yes, you can kill Drek with a tower or two up, but please have Relief Hut first and really good healers and really good tanks.

11. Defense is important as well as a good Offensive in AV.  Otherwise it's a speed run, and losing by a few seconds is not fun.

12.  Taking the mines aren't always critical, but in an a win by attrition, it doesn't hurt either.

13. When you ride past a bunker that is 'red', stop and help out.  Look at you're bloody map if you can't see all the "Horde" in there.

14. People that AFK in the cave or auto-follow out of graveyards -  we should be able to kill them, just like the parasites they are and then they can't re-queue for a few days.

15. Calling people Noobs or Scrubs doesn't motivate them to do anything.  At least not me.

16. Why don't Hunter pets get XP in BGs?  I keep asking that... Why Blizzard?  I really want to go gain 3 levels on the new pet I'm testing.  Warlocks, Mages, Death Knight's their pets level with them?  So, why put us at this disadvantage?

Warsong Gulch Call to Arms weekend, coming up.  That should be fun.

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