Friday, February 19, 2010

It's been awhile...WoW update

I haven't posted in a few months, mostly as lots of 'changes' have been occurring in game as well as in real life.

In game, I made the decision to combine my three highest level characters on one server, so moved Sithi, the hunter (now dual specced BM/MM named Sithie) and Greaf, the Death Knight (now Biya, still unholy) to Blackwing Lair to join Sassi (now dual specced shadow with disc/holy) to play with the people I've played with on/off for two years.

Nice being back with friends, BUT they've gone into ten man strict raiding guild format with an abundance of level 80's that have been raiding since vanilla. So raiding, unless I want to PUG or do the weekly random, has been non-existent. Although, I did finally get to do Sartherdon 3 drakes up 25 man which was fun. It's pretty much been randoms, bgs and gearing the girls.

I did manage to get Biya to 80, something I hadn't intended to do, but did! Now trying to gear up three 80's in both PvE and PvP gear is a chore. Add to that I've started healing on Sassi, more gear needs - a healing PvE/PvP set - big ugh!

So since December they've all been together and it's nice, but GAWD!!!! do I miss playing Alliance! I do like the Horde too, and the people I play with, but really miss Alliance. Bleah!

I'm see-sawing again about moving Sithi and/or Biya either back - miss that guild too - but not the low population that Darrowmere server has. The other option a new server. Finding a new server and a new guild is a chore and I haven't actively been doing that. Although I'd kind of like too! I really need a guild that's at my level of play (ToC10, just starting ICC stuff) too. I think there's a mild ADD masking itself as altitis going on here.

Add to that having so much of my Alliance-ness stripped off Sithi has been something I bemoan daily! I was less than 80 quests from completing the Kalimdor Loremaster portion and its GONE! 200 quests from the Seeker title... no hundreds and hundreds away! Argent Crusade titles/work - GONE! Furbolg change stick - GONE! Only getting to visit Darnassus for PvP ... not fun!!!

What do you do then? Roll a new character! A Paladin, Lyril - yes I know another Belf like the Azeroth doesn't have enough of those! She's definitely OP having only died once outside of a battleground in 32 levels! Loving the BoA +xp gear, that added boost helps alot!

So, keeping busy doing that and lots of BGs, the daily random, etc., not necessarily happy but busy.

I've always wanted to explore the whole RP side of WoW, but hesitate on some of the ERP you read/hear about. I've been reading and lurking on some of the RP servers and in their forums, but haven't made the commitment/jump yet.

A quick run down on the three I'm playing most -

Biya, has had two epic mounts drop (CoS & Occulus), but still doesn't have epic flying. She did max level ALL recipes for Inscription even the Full Moon turn into a wolf one. So she's mainly at gear up for whatever stage. Randoms and BG's is where Miss Unholy DK spends her time.

Sithie, I'm half-heartedly trying to regain her Argent Crusade titles, and dread it when I do it. I started the Loremaster, but can't stomach it, and with Cataclysm coming I'd hate to fall short! Or if I move her to Alliance and lose all this work again.... choices choices.

Sassi, I've actually been enjoying the disc/holy spec, but still learning what all the spells do. My GM teases me when I'm healing an instance - hit the candle button or whatever as I still don't have them all down yet. I've liked her in BG's and she's actually more survivable as disc/holy than as shadow. Plus the healing if it's somewhere I've been I don't mind. I don't like to do it in new places, too much of a tourist!!!

Enough WoW updating...

In the real world, a major life change I'm getting a divorce after 15 years of marriage. Good guy, just divergent paths in life right now. My son's back home again, hopefully briefly (ready for him to fly on his own!), and daughter is in high school with another year until she's driving.

So, 2010 should be a roller coaster both in and out of game as I figure out what I want to do.

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  1. The beauty of an RSS feed is that we don't lose track when you take a break from blogging. :) Glad to see a new post.

    And sorry about the real-lift stuff. Even when both sides agree its the right decision, there's still an awful lot of stress involved.